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What makes a good fundraising story

What makes a good fundraising story

If you’ve been in the nonprofit industry for a while, chances are you’ve heard about the growing trend for storytelling when communicating with your audiences.   Storytelling, according to Psychology Today, is timeless and transcends generations. The most... read more

Take a look at our sports memorabilia

Batter up! Sports memorabilia can fill a gap in your auction lots, or be a featured item for the sports fans among your guests. Many organizations receive generous donations from their supporters and can offer a wide selection of lot items. For unique and difficult to... read more

We love local experiences

Some of our favourite catalogue items are our collection of local experiences across western Canada. They are the perfect offering for a crowd that enjoys the mountain views of Banff, the wine valleys of the Okanagan and the green landscapes of Whistler in the summer.... read more


Bill Brown, Elevate Auctions’ resident auctioneer, says, “Even for low-key events, Fund-A-Need can be very successful. It is all about understanding the crowd.” Pure donations, such as the funds raised through Fund-A-Need, can be paramount to a fundraiser’s success.... read more