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It’s no surprise that the ever-increasing use of technology has now made its way into the world of fundraising. And although this means you might have to change how you gather some donations for your organization, it’s not hard to make the change, especially when you have the help of our team!


To give you an idea of how this trend is growing, Nonprofits Source shows that not only do 51% of high-wealth donors prefer to give online, but the overall revenue from online fundraising grew by 14% in 2016. With these statistics in mind, you can begin to understand that people truly are looking for ways to contribute to the organizations they believe in!


We believe that fundraising online doesn’t have to be hard. Although there is the option of crowdsourcing donations, you can provide additional value to your supporters by hosting an online auction. With an auction your loyal supporters are able to bid on items that enhance their life, too. Encourage some healthy competition and excitement, while seeing even more funds raised for your cause!


Another bonus to online giving is how easy it is to incorporate a social media promotion strategy, making it even more simple to attract more donors to your auction. So, instead of calling your supporters to attend an event or mail-in donations, you are able to promote your online fundraising auction as a link on social media and, with only a few clicks, your supporters can become bidders!


Getting started with an online fundraising auction is super simple! You can create an account through our website, or contact us directly at 403.287.8439 or info@elevateauctions.com