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Springtime is almost here, meaning the season for spring fundraisers is upon us! It’s the time of the year after we’ve all recovered from the holiday season but our supporters have not yet begun to think about summer vacation. With the change of the season comes a great opportunity to create a sense of community and encourage charitable giving by hosting a spring gala for your organization.


One exceptionally effective way to raise more money at your next fundraiser is through a silent or live auction! As masters of fundraising, the team at Elevate Auctions has created a list of tips to make your next auction the talk of the town:


  1. Create a plan for your live and silent auction
  2. Procure eye-catching items
  3. Plan captivating, effective item displays
  4. Decide on auction bidding software
  5. Appoint an auction event manager
  6. Find volunteers to help guests take their auction items

Through our years in the fundraising world, we know there is a lot of planning that goes into a spring fundraiser! We’d love to offer you the expertise and help you need take advantage of the season where your community it most likely to donate. If you love the idea of auctioning off an Ed Sheeran experience in San Francisco or having us handle your auction from beginning to end, give us a call! We offer everything from no-risk consignment items to full service cashout and tablet bidding to make sure you and your organization achieve fundraising success.