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Batter up! Sports memorabilia can fill a gap in your auction lots, or be a featured item for the sports fans among your guests. Many organizations receive generous donations from their supporters and can offer a wide selection of lot items. For unique and difficult to find items, Elevate Auctions can provide access to a catalogue that spans sports memorabilia from hockey to baseball.


Both classic and modern pieces are available for your next auction. Babe Ruth or Derek Jeter? Jean Beliveau or Johnny Gaudreau? Whether it is for the mantle or the man-cave, sports memorabilia is a crowd pleaser and a great addition to an auction selection.


If your organization has financial support, but a lack of resources, ask your donors for sponsorship of an item that you think your guests will enjoy. The sponsored item will be accompanied by donor recognition to ensure donors receive the praise and appreciation they deserve.


If you are interested in taking a look at our catalogue, sign up on our websiteIf you are already a client of Elevate Auctions and would like to chat with us about some items that would make a great addition to your event, give us a call at 4703 287 8439.