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Bill Brown, Elevate Auctions’ resident auctioneer, says, “Even for low-key events, Fund-A-Need can be very successful. It is all about understanding the crowd.” Pure donations, such as the funds raised through Fund-A-Need, can be paramount to a fundraiser’s success. With the right momentum from an energetic and fast-paced live auction, Fund-A-Need has incredible fundraising potential.


What is Fund-A-Need?

Fund-A-Need is a live auction service that calls upon the guests at your fundraising event to donate money directly towards a specific goal (or to your organization’s charity) at predetermined price points. There is no bidding involved – guests who want to donate simply have to raise their hands.


The auctioneer will start Fund-A-Need at the highest price point appropriate for your event or audience. For some charities, this could be a thousand dollars, and for others it may be a few hundred. With each round the auctioneer will decrease the price point, inviting more and more of your guests to participate. The best part of all? Those who donate will receive a tax receipt for the total amount donated.


Curious if Fund-A-Need can work for you?

We know it can, and we have the tools to make it happen. Give us a call at 403 287 8439 and find out how we can help you achieve your donation goal at your next event.