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Fast and exhilarating, live auctions don’t just add something entertaining to your event; the auction can be the entertainment.


Not only do professional auctioneers have the ability to read a crowd and build interest, they have the ability to engage and dazzle an audience. They commandeer a crowd and captivate the attention of anyone in their range. With the help of a professional spotter, auctioneers take control of an audience and provide unmistakable results.


Bill Brown, our resident auctioneer, has seen a lot of auctions over his 25 years of experience. What’s the biggest misconception about auction according to Bill?


“That anyone can do it. That anyone can do it successfully.” More than just public speaking and charisma, there is a method to auctioneering that requires a bit of education and a lot of practice. Bill raises approximately 3 million dollars annually as a result of his auctioneering, and has seen the difference a professional auctioneer and spotter can have for a charity.


Professional auctioneers also serve an important function – they generate big numbers and can find success with even the most unlikely auction items. Hiring a professional auctioneer provides a safety net for your auction. If someone is unfamiliar with acting as an auctioneer, they may miss the opportunity to generate buzz and excitement through clumsy or slow timing. If your auctioneer lacks knowledge and experience, you may find yourself with an auction that fails to generate the donations you expect.


One thing that cannot be taught is passion. Bill’s passion for auctioneering is unmistakable, as is his commitment to supporting local organizations. A third generation auctioneer, Bill’s entire life has been shaped by the world of auctions and charity work.


If you want to learn more about what makes an auctioneer an auctioneer, give Bill a call! You can reach us at 403 287 8439 and we are happy to offer up our experience. We can help your live auction come to life.